The impact of ICT in the holistic comprehension of sustainable consumption: the case of a course using a digital platform.



Diez-Martinez, E.

Rivera, Berenice.


10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference. INTED 2016 Proceedings.



March, 2016.  




Valencia, Spain.  





Sustainable consumption encompasses purchases that are intrinsically green, fairly traded products from a developing country, products that are organically grown, products that are against animal testing, types and forms of production, ecological impact, and so forth. As such, the choice of sustainable consumption reflects/conveys not only purchases preference or activity but also a larger representation about economic, social and ecological choice and voice of values and lifestyles.

A course of 8 sessions on sustainable consumption related mainly to clothing and food choices using ICTs by CANVAS platform, was developed with a group of 24 psychology students of a Mexican public university that included historical, social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainable consumption. A pretest, learning sessions, and posttest design methodology was implemented. Results show an increase in knowledge in all of the areas revised in the entire sample of students. Data are discussed considering the increase in motivation for themes and changes of habits and choices concerning sustainable consumption using ICTs via digital platforms.


Keywords: keywords: use of ict in education, sustainable consumption, university students.